Beckmann lab

RNA-protein interactions in infection

Our research lab “Molecular Infection Biology” is part of the IRI Life Sciences at the Humboldt University Berlin (Germany).

The group is working on molecular infection biology to understand the interaction of pathogenic bacteria and their host cells. We are mainly interested in RNA-protein interactions during infection. Head over to our Projects to learn more about our research.


Beckmann lab

Molecular Infection Biology

IRI Life Sciences / HU Berlin

Molecular Infection Biology Group

In our lab, we are investigating RNA-protein interactions. We recently developed a novel purification technique ( PTex ) which enables us to purify RNA-protein complexes from any biological source. We are using PTex to study post-transcriptional regulation of human cells which are infected with pathogenic bacteria. In our model organism Salmonella Typhimurium, we particularly look at extracellular vesicles and how the bacterium uses these to deliver RNA and proteins to host cells during infection.

When not at the bench, we play Pandemic Legacy. Or we do the Journal Club in a pub…

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Cross-species RNA-protein complexes in infection



We use live cell imaging to measure infection rates of Salmonella Typhimurium.


PTex is a new method to purify UV-cross-linked RNA-protein complexes from any biological source.

Salmonella extracellular vesicles

During infection, bacteria secrete RNA via vesicles. But why?


We use machine learning to identify RNA-binding proteins in human and bacteria.

The team

Principal Investigator


Benedikt Beckmann

Group leader infection biology and RNA biochemistry



Davide Figini

PhD student


Mara Strauch

Bachelor student


Sarah Zentgraf

Master student


Thea Böttcher

Lab technician



Stefan Pfister

PhD student


Julie Bohl

Lab technician


Spencer Froelick

Intern student

Recent Publications

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Systemweite Anreicherung von RNA-Protein-Komplexen

An opinion article on methods to purify RNA-protein complexes cell-wide (in German).

Probing the RNA-Binding Proteome from Yeast to Man: Major Advances and Challenges

In this review, we discuss methods and challenges when investigating the RNA-bound proteome in eukaryotes.

Fast and unbiased purification of RNA-protein complexes after UV cross-linking

In this paper, we discuss the chemical and biophysical principles of our PTex method.