Anne-Laure Lécrivain


Humboldt University

Anne-Laure Lécrivain is specialized in RNA biology in bacteria. During her PhD, she studied how bacterial pathogens use ribonucleases to regulate gene expression under laboratory conditions. An important aspect she currently wants to integrate in her research is the pathogen’s environment, i.e. the host, and how they respond to each other. In the Beckmann lab, she wants to investigate the RNA-mediated communication between the host cells and the bacterial pathogen Salmonella Typhimurium. More specifically, the focus will be on whether bacterial RNA bind partners in the host cells and whether this will affect the host cell gene expression profile.


  • Gene expression regulation
  • RNA biology
  • RNases
  • Extracellular vesicles


  • PhD in Molecular Biology

  • MSc in Biotechnologies (Development of Health Products)