Stefan Pfister

PhD student

Humboldt University

Stefan Pfister centers his research interest on the development of methods to investigate host-pathogen relationships. After establishing a direct PCR approach without prior DNA purification to analyse host-feeding patterns and infection rates of mosquitoes during his Bachelor’s thesis, he went on to study Molecular Life Sciences at Humboldt University Berlin. Joining the Beckmann lab for his Master’s thesis, he focused on RNA biology in bacterial pathogens. He developed and established a purification strategy to identify cross-species interactions of RNA secreted via extracellular vesicles from Salmonella Typhimurium with human proteins during infection. Future work will be directed at other bacterial compounds transferred to the host cell via extracellular vesicles and their putative modulatory effects.


  • RNA biology
  • Biotechnology of extracellular vesicles
  • Cross-species interactions between bacteria and humans


  • MSc Molecular Lifesciences, 2020

    Humboldt University Berlin

  • BSc Bioanalysis, 2017

    University of Applied Sciences Coburg