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Photo-cross-linking and high-resolution mass spectrometry for assignment of RNA-binding sites in RNA-binding proteins

The RNPxl workflow allows to map cross-linking sites of RNA in proteins at amino acid resolution.

Genomewide comparison and novel ncRNAs of Aquificales

Bioinformatic prediction of non-coding RNAs in Aquificales.

Northern Blot Detection of Small RNAs

Insights into RNA biology from an atlas of mammalian mRNA-binding proteins

RNA interactome capture (RIC) reveals the mRNA-bound proteome of human HeLa cells.

A pRNA-induced structural rearrangement triggers 6S-1 RNA release from RNA polymerase in Bacillus subtilis

In this study, we show that 6S-1 RNA from *Bacillus subtilis" produces a short transcript called "pRNA". This pRNA has the potential to hybridise with its template and that this induces a conformational change in the 6S-1 RNA structure.

In vivo and in vitro analysis of 6S RNA-templated short transcripts in Bacillus subtilis

Deep sequencing of *Bacillus subtilis* short RNAs in different growth stages.

Polymer-related off-target effects in non-viral siRNA delivery

Since off-target effects in non-viral siRNA delivery are quite common but not well understood, in this study various polymer-related effects observed in transfection studies were described and their mechanisms of toxicity were investigated. A variety …

Northern blot detection of endogenous small RNAs (approximately14 nt) in bacterial total RNA extracts

Deep sequencing of *Bacillus subtilis* short RNAs in different growth stages.

EXOG, a novel paralog of Endonuclease G in higher eukaryotes

Evolutionary conserved mitochondrial nucleases are involved in programmed cell death and normal cell proliferation in lower and higher eukaryotes. The endo/exonuclease Nuc1p, also termed 'yeast Endonuclease G (EndoG)', is a member of this class of …