Source Themes

Systemweite Anreicherung von RNA-Protein-Komplexen

An opinion article on methods to purify RNA-protein complexes cell-wide (in German).

Bacterial RNA in extracellular vesicles: A new regulator of host-pathogen interactions?

A review on RNA in extracellular vesicles from bacterial pathogens.

Organic phase separation opens up new opportunities to interrogate the RNA-binding proteome

A review on the three original phenol-based RNP purification techniques PTex, OOPS and XRNAX.

Probing the RNA-Binding Proteome from Yeast to Man: Major Advances and Challenges

In this review, we discuss methods and challenges when investigating the RNA-bound proteome in eukaryotes.

Fast and unbiased purification of RNA-protein complexes after UV cross-linking

In this paper, we discuss the chemical and biophysical principles of our PTex method.

TriPepSVM: de novo prediction of RNA-binding proteins based on short amino acid motifs

We use machine learning to identify RNA-binding protein in human and bacteria.

Purification of cross-linked RNA-protein complexes by phenol-toluol extraction

PTex is a novel method for unbiased purification of RNA-protein complexes from a variety of biological samples.

RNA interactome capture in yeast

An in-depth discussion of the RNA interactome capture protocol in yeast.

The expanding universe of ribonucleoproteins: of novel RNA-binding proteins and unconventional interactions

In this Review article, we discuss which novel aspects of RNA biology were discovered using the recently developed RNA interactome capture technique.

The RNA-binding proteomes from yeast to man harbour conserved enigmRBPs

We developed RNA interactome capture for yeast and investigate unusual RNA-binding proteins (many of which are enzymes) that are conserved during eukaryotic evolution.